Wednesday 23 January 2019

Have-a-go DJ Ray foils motor thieves

Ray D'Arcy was left shaken after foiling a gang of thieves in the car park of the Red Cow hotel.

The Today FM presenter was going to a meeting when he spotted the men wearing baseball caps and acting suspiciously.

"I'm a little bit shook this morning," he told listeners yesterday.

"I had to go to Moran's Red Cow hotel for a meeting yesterday and as I drove into the car park I noticed a blue car with a group of men in it wearing baseball hats.

"In my head I'm thinking, 'They look a bit old, they look a bit long in the tooth to be wearing baseball hats'.

"Anyway, I drove on, parked the car and looked over my shoulder back at the car with the lads in the baseball hats looking a bit fidgety to see what they were up to.

"One of them had climbed out of that car and he was in another car and was obviously searching for goodies in it."

The father of two debated whether to confront the would-be thieves, and decided to shout over at them.

"Now I've to decide what I'm going to do," he said.

"Do I intervene or do I let them go and do what they're doing or what do I do?


"So I'm standing there looking at them and then I go, 'Oi, is that your car?'

"I got no response, so I said it again. 'Oi, is that your car?'

"And, surprise, surprise, it wasn't their car.

"So the man who is in the car climbed out, covered his head so I couldn't see his face, got back into the other car and they made off at speed."

D'Arcy (50) managed to take the registration number of the car and gave the details to hotel staff.

The popular presenter was left shaken by the incident, telling listeners: "It's odd when you encounter something like that - the heart rate increases. It's unsettling."

He also said the incident reminded him of a time when he prevented his friend from being pickpocketed when they were in college.

"I was a young lad up from the country and I went with a new friend to the McDonald's on Grafton Street," he said.

"This guy buys a burger and throws the gherkin on the floor which grabbed my attention, but then he tried to pickpocket my friend.

"So I shouted at him as well. That was in 1981, and crimes like that are still happening all the time."


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