Sunday 20 January 2019

Harbour incinerator plans rejected

Plans for a twin rubbish and hazardous waste incinerator in Cork harbour have been rejected by authorities.

An Bord Pleanala has refused to give Indaver Ireland the go-ahead for the 150 million euro burner amid fears the Ringaskiddy site is prone to flooding and erosion.

The Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment (Chase) has been battling for years to block the facility.

Mary O'Leary, Chase spokeswoman, said: "We are delighted. It's obviously fantastic. Sense at last has prevailed.

"We have been fighting this for 10 years - there's no need for it, the site is unsuitable, it's at the end of a peninsula, it's prone to flooding, it's eroding."

Ms O'Leary claimed that An Bord pleanala's decision to refuse planning backs the points Chase has been making for the last 10 years.

"The board have clearly said that the layout and the location are problematic - they can't really change that. The site is fundamentally unsuitable," she said.

In its ruling, An Bord Pleanala said building an incinerator for municipal and hazardous waste at Ringaskiddy could not be sanctioned because of the layout and limited size of the site. It said the plan was not compatible with waste management in Cork.

It said Indaver's plan to treat 100,000 tonnes of hazardous waste a year and then bring in municipal waste treatment would overdevelop the site.

The board also said efforts to address flooding on the road leading to the site and possible erosion were insufficient.

PharmaChemical Ireland, representing the sector which employs 50,000 jobs, expressed disappointment.

Director Matt Moran said: "For many years we have made it clear to Government that it is not acceptable to ship our waste overseas. We have always viewed the lack of adequate waste disposal facilities as being a threat to the long-term sustainability of the sector."

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