Thursday 17 January 2019

'Happy room' has helped sick Robyn

13-year-old Robyn Smyth is battling aggressive cancer
13-year-old Robyn Smyth is battling aggressive cancer

A seriously ill girl who has dreamt about having a "happy room" has got her wish - just in time for Christmas.

Robyn Smyth, from Whitehall in Dublin, has been fighting aggressive cancer neuroblastoma and was given just a 30pc chance of surviving when she was first diagnosed ten years ago at the age of three.

It was when the Dublin girl's chances of survival dropped to five per cent that her family decided to raise funds to take her to the US, and Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Michigan, but so far it has cost hundreds of thousands.


Doctors had told her mum Bernadette that a room filled with happy things would help the 13-year-old cope better with her aggressive cancer.

Her latest scan early this month showed Robyn's disease looks just how it did the last time she was tested and has not had chemotherapy since the end of June, so things have not gotten any worse health wise.

Bernadette said: "So much hard work went into making this happen. So much hard work went into this project. I can't even begin to say how grateful we are and how blessed we are to have people that would give up their time to do this.

"Robyn has been through so much and really deserved this - and I just couldn't have done this for her. It overwhelms me every time I see it.

She added: "There are so many people to thank. It started with Keith Carney drawing up the plans, then Lorcan Construction came on board and built the room from scratch. The gang from Lorcan Construction all worked for nothing in order to keep costs down.

"Leo Maher from Sign and Digital got in touch when they heard about it.

"They are an amazing company who have started a project called 'Your Happy Room' and when they heard about Robyn's room they decide to give her a Happy Room and, oh my God, it's amazing."

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