Friday 18 January 2019

Happy ending for Priory Hall bride Stephanie

Stephanie Meehan Picture: Collins
Stephanie Meehan Picture: Collins

Former Priory Hall resident Stephanie Meehan has found happiness again and married, three years after her partner Fiachra Daly took his own life.

The Dublin mother-of-two tied the knot with Richie, who she has known for years, and who she described as an "amazing support" to her and her children.

Stephanie's life came crashing down when the scandal of the firetrap Priory Hall apartments in Donaghmede broke in 2011, only four years after they were built by former IRA hunger striker Tom McFeely.

The residents had to be evacuated from their homes and years of blame and counter-blame were thrashed out in the courts.

Stephanie was left devastated when Fiachra took his own life in July 2013 while under stress related to the property.

Now, as Priory Hall faces a new beginning, so too does Stephanie, who confirmed to the Herald that she and Richie got married abroad on October 21.

"Richie has been an amazing support to us and we are very happy," she said.

"Fiachra's family were with us at the wedding and it was beautiful."


Stephanie said she is now moving on with her life and said she also wishes all the new occupants of Priory Hall happiness in their new homes.

Dublin City Council is spending more than €27 million on the reconstruction of the notorious complex.

The first 43 apartments put on the market all sold in a matter of days, raising more than €7m for the authority.

"They still have to work on the side where I lived with Fiachra," Stephanie said.

"It was our first home and it was very exciting for us, so I really wish that the new owners will be happy there and that it now becomes the place it was supposed to be from the beginning.

"People assume that I have nothing but bad memories of Priory Hall, but that's not the case.

"I have great memories there until things went wrong. We suffered an awful tragedy and a tremendous loss because of it. It caused all the problems in my life in the end, but in the beginning it was good."

Stephanie also said she hopes the homes are now being bought by locals who will be able to stay in the area.

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