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Hands up if you don't have wi-fi

THERE were red faces all around as the Wi-fi connection at the prestigious Dublin Web Summit went down for 30 minutes.

The RDS event, dubbed "Davos for geeks," is supposed to champion and discuss the future of technology and the web.

But there was embarrassment when just after 9.30am the venue was hit by a Wi-fi outage.

Co-founder of the summit, Paddy Cosgrave, described felt let down by the issue.

"We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get the Wi-fi working, it's incredibly disappointing," he said.

A statement from the RDS said that the outage was the result of an unprecedented demand on the service.

"No specific service provider went down. The problem was associated with the firewalls, due to a unique combination of high volume, redundancy sensitivity and remote server availability.

"Because the problem arose from an exceptional combination of circumstances, it was not possible to anticipate this difficulty arising," a statement said.

The venue said that its technical team responded immediately and the network was restored within 30 minutes.

Techies took to social micro-blogging website Twitter to joke about the incident, which was mostly taken in good humour.