Monday 20 November 2017

Half of us admit that we'd pull a 'sunshine sickie'

Half of us admit we'd take a 'sunshine sickie'
Half of us admit we'd take a 'sunshine sickie'

Almost half of all Irish people have admitted they would pull a sickie from work on a sunny day.

The survey of more than 300 adults revealed 48pc of people might be tempted by summer weather to phone in sick. Another finding of the HB Ice Cream survey for was that 45pc said it would be acceptable to wear flip-flops to work.

The worst summer style offences committed by men were deemed to be wearing socks with sandals, going topless in public, hairy backs and tiny 'budgie-smuggler' swimming trunks.

Summer style offences committed by women included streaking fake tan, hairy legs, wearing heels on the beach, sunburn and way-too small bikinis.

The most-cited Irish summer weather sayings were "grand drying weather" followed by "it's boiling" and "you could fry an egg".

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