Friday 22 February 2019

Grisly images show cyclists' horrific Luas line injuries

Bloodied and battered legs after scrapes with the Luas
Bloodied and battered legs after scrapes with the Luas

Cyclists are sharing photos of the injuries they suffered after falling on the Luas tracks as part of a campaign to make cycling in the city safer.

Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC) has received many messages from people injured on or near the tram tracks.

It wants to highlight the dangers the Luas lines pose to cyclists.

Colm Ryder of DCC told the Herald he believes Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has not listened to cycling groups' concerns.

"TII is responsible for the lines, but it hasn't engaged with us properly.


"We put in very specific recommen­dations, but now there are many issues in relation to planning and guidance to cyclists in the city centre," he said.

DCC published a compilation of some of the stories people shared about how they injured themselves on the tram lines.

"My husband was permanently injured as a result of his tyre becoming lodged in the Luas track," one woman said.

"He spent three weeks in hospital with a grade six tibia plateau fracture and a broken fibula. He will need a full knee replacement in the near future," she added.

"I had to peel two cyclists off the road at the junction of College Green and Westmoreland Street when they came a cropper on the Luas track," another said.

"One was OK but the other injured herself fairly badly, so much so that I had to store her bike for her.

"It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed."

TII had not responded to the Herald before publication.

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