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Griffin's pals in frame for two revenge hits in gang mayhem


Gardai remove the body of Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Sanambar who was gunned down outside a house in Coolock

Gardai remove the body of Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Sanambar who was gunned down outside a house in Coolock

Collins Dublin, Garrett White

Gardai remove the body of Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Sanambar who was gunned down outside a house in Coolock

Gardai are investigating if associates of notorious gangland boss Christy Griffin were involved in at least two of the three gangland murders that have rocked the capital's northside in the past week.

It has emerged that convicted rapist Griffin is a close associate of a senior criminal who has close ties to Sean Little - the 22-year-old drug dealer whose murder sparked the latest bloodshed in a bitter feud.

Gardai believe that the third victim of the gangland mayhem - Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Sanambar (41) - was shot dead because he was blamed for setting up Little last week in a twisted double cross.


Sources have now revealed that associates of Griffin have got involved in the warfare and are backing the Little faction and may have provided "logistical support" for the revenge attack on Sanambar.

Griffin has been "generally keeping his head down" and living in Swords since being released from jail last year after serving 11 years for the rape of his partner's daughter.

However, some of his associates are considered to be main players in organised crime on the northside and they are suspected of having close links to Little's older associate.

Sanambar was shot dead outside a house in Kilbarron Avenue, Coolock, on Tuesday.

He was blasted up to five times in the head in the garden of the home of Little, who was gunned down in Balbriggan last week.

Gardai are investigating if there is a link between the murders, and are also examining a possible connection to the shooting of Little's friend Jordan Davis (22) in Coolock last Wednesday.

Sanambar was aware his life was under threat and is believed to have been wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Gardai believe his killers were aware of this, and so shot him in the head.

"The hit team had detailed information about his habits and his movements," a source said.


After the shooting three masked men fled in a getaway car which was later found burnt out in Castletymon Gardens.

Gardai are to interview the car's registered owner in the hope it may shed light on the killing.

Senior investigators revealed yesterday that the silver Toyota Avensis, with a 04D71806 registration number, was bought legitimately on May 20.

Det Insp Mick Mulligan, of Santry Garda Station, said officers were due to interview the vehicle's owner in a bid to find out how it came to be used in the murder.

"We are aware the car was in the area yesterday morning. Our appeal is for people that have dash-cam footage, in particular delivery drivers and ambulance drivers who are frequenting that area near Beaumont Hospital and around the Centra shop," he said.

"We are aware the car was bought from a motor dealers on the southside and are aware of the person that purchased it, but we are looking for information on it since May 20.

"There were three persons that left the scene after the shooting."

Sanambar had made a number of enemies through his links to crime gangs in Cork, Longford and Dublin.

He had been living in Dublin for six months and had associated with a number of major criminals.

Sanambar had been regularly sighted with a gangland hitman who is suspected of the attempted murder of James 'Mago' Gately.

The Iranian was also very close to a number of other gun-for-hires linked to the north Dublin drugs gang that he worked with.