Monday 11 December 2017

Greyhound bin trucks halted by protesters

Two Greyhound refuse collection trucks were brought to a halt by protesters in Dublin last night.

United Left TD Joan Collins led a small number of protesters who stood in front of the trucks in Crumlin in a stand-off that lasted up to an hour.

The placard-carrying demonstrators said they were taking the action in support of 70 workers who claimed there were "locked out" after refusing to accept a 33pc cut in their pay.

Gardai arrived at the scene which resulted in the two trucks succeeding in moving away from the junction of Stannaway Road and Clonard Road.


But one of the trucks stopped a short time later at the nearby junction of Stannaway Road and Cashel Road where it was once again surrounded by a small number of demonstrators.

When it attempted to reverse, demonstrators blocked the truck's rear view mirrors with their placards.

Deputy Collins said: "We've been told by the guards we can walk slowly in front of the trucks but the truck drivers have just been stopping and staying where they are."

A Greyhound spokesman said: "We have consistently 
said that there is a serious health and safety issue around people deliberately and 
suddenly walking in front of vehicles.

"We are seriously concerned for the safety of not just the contractors (truck drivers) but also the protesters."


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