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Green not a fan of Chris De Burgh

British rapper Professor Green has revealed that how he and his wife, Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh (pictured), bumped into Irish crooner Chris De Burgh on their honeymoon.

The couple married in 2013 and Green credits his now wife with organising their nuptials.

"Hats off to her, she did so much of the organisation... the day was the best thing ever and on our honeymoon in Capri we bumped into Chris De Burgh. He kept singing Lady in Red... it was so weird," he recalled.


While they're not the biggest fans of de Burgh, Green - real name Stephen Manderson - and Millie love the fried chicken from popular Dublin restaurant CrackBird.

When reality starlet turned fashion designer Millie was in Ireland last month to launch her debut clothes line, she went to the Dame Street restaurant with pals.

Green (30) agreed it's hard to imagine his svelte and health-conscious wife scoffing down buckets of fried chicken.

"People are probably looking at her going 'how does she eat Crackbird and look like that? She eats more than anyone I bloomin' know," he said.