Sunday 20 January 2019

Great-gran fears she'll be killed if attacks continue

AN INNOCENT great-grandmother whose home was attacked by a marauding gang of thugs has said she is terrified they will "come back some night and kill me".

Philomena Maughan (61) was in bed in the early hours of Saturday morning when masked thugs smashed windows at her home in Swords, north Dublin and threw paint at the property.

Gardai in the town are on alert after the attack on her home and two more on her son John's house nearby occurred over the past week.


Mrs Maughan has called for the violence to stop before somebody is badly injured or killed.

The first incident occurred last Thursday at 11pm when a van was torched outside the home of John Maughan in Mooretown Avenue.

Then at around 12.45am on Saturday, three hooded and masked men were seen smashing the windows and front door of Philomena's house at Castlegrange Close before fleeing.

The vandals threw paint and bottles at the front of the elderly lady's house and in through the broken panes of glass.

But the spate of violence did not end there.

Late on Saturday night Mr Maughan's house in Mooretown was attacked again when two men were seen throwing an improvised explosive device at the front door.

The pipe bomb landed in the porch and the alarm was raised when a loud bang was heard.

Mr Maughan came out to investigate and found the device burning at his feet.

Gardai were called to the scene and the Army bomb squad carried out a post blast analysis on the exploded device.

Neighbours had to be ordered out of their homes while the bomb squad carried out its work.

"We all had to leave and go up the road for more than an hour," said one local. "We had to take our kids out of their beds.

"What happened to the Maughans was awful, it must make them very nervous to be under attack like this."

Gardai confirmed they are investigating criminal damage incidents from all three events at the two houses.

Mrs Maughan last night pleaded for an end to the attacks on her family.

"You can't go around breaking up people's homes like this and threatening families," she said as she waited for the glass in her windows to be replaced.

"I was in bed at the time it happened. I was on my own in the house when they smashed the windows and threw the paint and bottles in," she said.


"These people are going around in gangs with hoodies up, terrifying people," said Philomena.

"I'm nearly 62 and I have high blood pressure, and I'm waiting for a knee replacement.

"I'm afraid they'll come in the back some night and kill me. This has to stop," she added.

Sources close to the investigations into the recent attacks say there are fears that someone in the Maughan family will be murdered if the violence continues.

Gardai are monitoring the situation very closely.

The family suspected of carrying out the attacks have connections to a Finglas Traveller feud, the sources said.


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