Sunday 21 January 2018

Great-gran beaten by three attackers on way from mass

An elderly great-grandmother who was viciously attacked by three men as she walked home from mass in Dublin has said she thought she was going to be killed.

Jenny Lynch (72), from Oranmore Road in Ballyfermot, believes her attackers could also have been involved in the killing of her 37-year-old son Edward in 2009.

She was on her way from St Matthew's Church when she was targeted on Saturday evening at around 6.30pm, as she walked with an elderly neighbour.

"What sort of man - let alone three - does this to an old woman? My clothes were soaked in blood and it was just a nightmare," a shocked and bruised Jenny said.

She suffered a black eye, a split lip, injuries to her nose and bruises to her head as the gang repeatedly punched her.

Jenny was only rescued when her terrified friend stopped a passing car, and the driver then brought her to Ballyfermot Garda Station.

"I feared for my life when those cowards attacked me, they were hitting me like a man," she said.


"I was just on my way home from mass when they came out of nowhere and started punching me," Jenny said as she recovered at home.

Jenny believes the attack is linked to her son Edward's brutal hit-and-run murder, and her family's vow to get justice for him.

The innocent father-of-two died from a ruptured spleen two days after being hit by a sky-blue 1998 Nissan Micra on Claddagh Road in Ballyfermot on February 25 2009.

"I've no doubt the people responsible for this were involved in my son's death and now they want to silence me. It's bad enough me losing my only son but then they go and do this to me," she told The Irish Sun.

A family spokesperson said: "Jenny is still devastated over the loss of her son and it's awful to think a defenceless and frail woman could be attacked in such a cruel fashion".

"But Jenny and the family are very brave and they will never stop fighting for justice for Edward."

The family erected a memorial plaque on the junction of Claddagh Road and Claddagh Green in Ballyfermot, the spot where Edward was killed.

Gardai believed two drug dealers and a violent young criminal from Blanchardstown were the main suspects for killing Edward, but further information later led them to believe that a major Inchicore crime figure was also involved.

It is understood that the Inchicore gangster may have ordered the killing, which was carried out by a young associate.

One of the leading suspects in the killing is also the chief suspect in the murder of 17-year-old Daniel McAnaspie who was stabbed with garden shears in Blanchardstown in 2010.


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