Tuesday 12 December 2017

Greatest Dickens character is Scrooge

EBENEZER Scrooge has been voted the most popular Charles Dickens character in a poll held to mark the 200th anniversary of the author's birth. Seven out of the top 10 characters were villains, with Miss Havisham from Great Expectations second.

Claire Tomalin, a Dickens biographer, said: "People love villains. Scrooge is a double-whammy he's allowed to repent and become good."

The most popular Dickens on the Penguin website were:

1. Ebenezer Scrooge - A Christmas Carol; 2. Miss Havisham - Great Expectations 3. Sydney Carton - A Tale Of Two Cities;

4. The Artful Dodger - Oliver Twist; 5. Fagin - Oliver Twist

6. Joe Gargery - Great Expectations; 7. Pip - Great Expectations; 8. Nancy - Oliver Twist; 9. Abel Magwitch - Great Expectations

10. Betsey Trotwood - David Copperfield.


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