Friday 15 December 2017

Graham Dwyer's love letters are currently for sale on eBay

The ex-girlfriend of convicted murderer Graham Dwyer is currently auctioning off nine of his love letters on eBay.

Victoria Andreenkova (37) has revealed that she felt extremely shocked when he first wrote to her in May 2015.

"I didn't realise who it was at first.

"When I realised who the letter was from I puked several times.

"I couldn't stop.

"The next thing I remember thinking is that he could break in," she told the Irish Daily Star.

Victoria admits that she met and kissed Dwyer (43) at the Midlands Prison in June 2015, but says that she has 'no interest' in the relationship any longer.

Victoria confirmed that she has now found love with someone else.

"I was very quickly bored with Graham.

"He always talks about himself and wants to be the centre of attention," she said.

Victoria said that she hopes to eventually sell the letters for approximately €20,000.

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