Sunday 21 January 2018

Graham Dwyer's brothers write fantasy novel on woman accused of murder

Graham Dwyer’s brother James Dwyer (left), his father Sean (right), nother Susan (middle), at Dublin Central Criminal Court during the murder trial. Pic: Collins Courts.
Graham Dwyer’s brother James Dwyer (left), his father Sean (right), nother Susan (middle), at Dublin Central Criminal Court during the murder trial. Pic: Collins Courts.

Two brothers of convicted murderer Graham Dwyer have penned a fantasy cult novel about a woman who was accused of murder.

James and Brendan Dwyer began writing the novel Cult Fiction in January 2013 and self published it in July 2014 – nine months after the arrest of their architect brother for the murder of Elaine O’Hara.

They have also set up their own publishing house and James, who is in his early 30s, has released a second booked called Fireborn, which is described as a fantasy adventure novel set in an age of magic and war.

The brothers, from Bandon, Co Cork, attended the Central Criminal Court on several occasions during Graham Dwyer’s 46 day trial.

Dwyer, a 42-year-old architect from Foxrock, will be jailed for life at his sentencing hearing on Monday week.

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

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This week Brendan Dwyer told the Southern Star they began approaching agents about a possible publishing deal after their finished their book.

“But after spending a while pushing it, we decided to set up our own label, Paused Books,” he said.

"So far we have distributed nearly 600 paperback and eBook copies in the past seven months, and we were also successful in getting Easons to distribute it both at home and to the UK."

The Dwyer brothers launched the book last October at Comicon, an annual comic convention in Dublin last October and they won the Geek Ireland Best Novel for 2014.

An online blurb for the book says it is set in Municipal City, the only place on earth where you can be anyone.

“This is not virtual reality. This is real,” it says.

“Tina Lockhart arrives at the City to do exactly that, and is willing to pay any price to get in, willing to take the Elixir drug she needs just to breathe the air, and willing to kill, and risk being killed, just to survive.”

While Brendan lives in Dublin with his family, James remains in Co Cork and the pair co-ordinated the whole process by email.

“It worked surprisingly well,” Brendan continued.

“It’s basically a science fiction novel based on the nineties and set in the future. It’s aimed at the 16bit generation with loads of nineties references throughout the book. It is aimed at a wider audience and would suit general science fiction readers.’

The brothers went on to establish Paused Books, an Irish owned publishing house interested in science fiction and fantasy style novels.

The latest works, Fireborn, was written by former Taekwon-do champion James and follows the lives of four fire-worshipping warriors as they fight to save the world of power from turning to ice.

It will also be launched in hard copy at Comicon this August.

James said his passion for writing started from a love for movies, comics, books and video games.

“And having an older brother Brendan that let me know which ones were the best, (and who had a part time job so he could afford to buy new video games regularly) so when I wasn’t able to be involved watching, reading, or interacting with all those awesome worlds, characters and stories, I needed to try creating some instead,” he told The Time Warriors online.

“As long as people enjoy reading our awesome non-sense and as long as we don’t lose money sharing that non-sense with the world, I’m happy,” he added.

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