Wednesday 17 January 2018

Graham Dwyer working in prison computer shop

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer will work out his life sentence in the Midlands Prison's computer shop - assisting with the printing of the jail magazine, it has been revealed.

The Star has reported that Dwyer (42) , who was jailed for life last week for the brutal sadistic murder of childcare assistant Elaine O’Hara, was given the role due to his expertise with computers.

A source told the newspaper: "He's been appointed to work in the prison's computer shop where they work on the prison magazine that is distributed to all the prisons around the country."

"Inmates in there would usually have a degree of experience and expertise with computers and given his past you could definitely say that about him."

The father of three has yet to file an appeal against his conviction, which must be filed within 21 days of the sentencing.

Dwyer is said to be in "good spirits" as he adjusts to life in the prison's E3 landing.

"He's keeping his head down but he'll have got what he wanted in being appointed to work in the computer shop."

"There's no internet access but he can work on the machines - but he'll be watched like a hawk given his hsitory with computers."

Dwyer showed little emotion during the sentence hearing last week, bowing his head only once, when trial judge Mr Justice Tony Hunt referred to the "pitiful condition" in which he had left his wife, Gemma Dwyer, and their two children.

Mr Hunt handed down the mandatory sentence - and said it is a sentence "he richly deserves".

“It’s difficult to look beyond the chilling and premeditated murder, execution almost, carried out after a protracted campaign of the most vile manipulation and abuse of a woman who was too weak to resist and who made the fatal mistake of trusting Mr Dwyer that he wasn’t going to go any further than he indicated on August 22," he said.

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