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Graham Dwyer pleads for ban on new girlfriend to be lifted so she can visit him


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer


Victoria Andreenkova

Victoria Andreenkova

Collins Dublin, Gareth Chaney


Graham Dwyer

Convicted murderer Graham Dwyer has appealed to prison authorities to allow him to see his new girlfriend in jail.

Victoria Andreenkova, who attended the Dwyer's trial at the beginning of the year, claimed recently that she had fallen in love with the 42-year-old.

The 37-year-old says she began a relationship with Dwyer after she started visiting him in the Midlands Prison following his conviction.

She was issued a visit ban from the Portlaoise jail authorities over her choice of clothing at these visits.

Dwyer has now filed a formal appeal to allow the Russian-born mother to be allowed to visit again, The Irish Daily Star reports.

A source told the paper that the Cork-born architect had confirmed that Ms Andreenkova was his girlfriend and that he was "very keen on her".

It is also understood that the demand follows a 10-point statement formally lodged by the killer as to why his conviction should be overturned.

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The State's reliance on text message evidence and the number of media leaks throughout the investigation are believed to be included in this appeal.

Last week, State pathologist Marie Cassidy expressed surprise at the jury's guilty verdict in the Graham Dywer murder trial, based on the lack of pathological evidence.

"We knew there was no pathology evidence to support anything so it came to what other evidence did they have... it's up to them to make a case and to present this case, and if they think the case is going to stand up in court, then the DPP will go ahead with it," she said.

"In that case, I thought: 'No, they will not go ahead with it...' And then, when we were waiting for the verdict coming in, I said, it has to be not guilty."

Ms Andreenkova has claimed that a rural-based garda was responsible for Ms O'Hara's murder on August 22, 2012.

"I have seen a side of Graham that is very tender and very soft. He is vey honest," she told The Irish Daily Star.