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Given hits back at McQueen's 'horrible' jibes

Irish soccer legend Shay Given has expressed his anger at former Scottish international Gordon McQueen's remark that he hopes Scotland-born Irish players will get a "horrible reception" at Celtic Park on Friday.

McQueen was referring to Irish players Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy in his comments.

"You're born in Glasgow but then you go and play for somebody else? What's that all about? I'm not having that at all. I hope it's hard for them coming back here with Ireland," he said.

However, Given has hit back saying it was "unfair" on McCarthy and McGeady to single them out.

"Some of the Scottish players were born in England," he pointed out.

"It can't be one rule for Ireland and one rule for others. They are in the exact same situation, so some of the comments were a wee bit personal and a wee bit over the top.

"I just think there is no need to go to that sort of level," he continued.

"Aiden and James are experienced players now and fantastic players and I'm sure they will show everyone in Glasgow how good they are," Given added.

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan has suggested that he would have no problem with booing of the pair once it didn't veer into nastiness although his opposite number Martin O'Neill responded by quipping that he was unaware of such a concept as 'gentle booing'.

Friday night's clash will be one of the biggest games in the Euro 2016 qualifiers with both the Boys in Green and Scotland in good positions to qualify given Germany's lacklustre start to their campaign.


FAI chief John Delaney has claimed there could be 'tension in the air' as he again blamed the Scottish FA for the small allocation awarded to Ireland fans which has resulted in away fans buying tickets in home sections.

The FAI chief's comments were met with an angry response from supporters group You Boys In Green who referenced the 'impeccable' behavioural record of both nations.