Monday 18 December 2017

Girls want to be happy, boys want money

THE pursuit of happiness is the main concern of Irish teenage girls, but boys are more interested in money, a survey reveals.

Statistics gathered for the Project Maths course in schools, showed that 55pc of girls and 40pc of boys ranked being "happy" as their main aspiration in life. In comparison only 20pc of teens said their priority was to be healthy.

However, one in three boys surveyed admitted they would prefer to be rich compared with just one in six girls.

The figures, from a study of 800 students in 24 schools, also found that teenagers' most prized possession was their mobile phone.

The majority of girls and one third of boys said they would choose to keep their cell phones ahead of other modern gadgets including computers, TV, music devices such as iPods and games consoles like the PlayStation.

The project asks questions to second-level school children, from how they keep up with the news to their travel times to school and their favourite football teams.


Irish teenagers also seem to be the product of the reality TV generation as one in 10 rank fame as their main aspiration for the future.

The school census is part of the statistics section of the Projects Maths course being rolled out nationally by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment after a pilot trial in 2009.

The questionnaire is in a similar format to the National Census forms.

The findings also revealed that Irish was their least preferred course in the national second level school curriculum.

One in three boys and one in five girls named it as the subject they would most like to get rid of.


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