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Girls acquitted of city mugging

THREE teenage girls have been acquitted of robbery of a Brazilian student who was left traumatised after she was beaten and mugged in Dublin city-centre.

The robbery is said to have occurred at Dame Lane, in Dublin city-centre, on November 29 last year.

The girls, all aged 16, had pleaded not guilty and went on trial before Judge John O'Connor at Dublin Children's Court. Following legal arguments that about identification of defendants and CCTV evidence, the judge dismissed the case saying an identity parade should have been held. Marchers seek students' return

A LARGELY peaceful march by tens of thousands demanding the return of 43 missing students ended in violence, as a small group of masked protesters battled police in Mexico City's main square.

The march sought the return of the students from a rural teachers' college. The march in Mexico City was mostly peaceful, compared to recent protests that have ended with the burning of government buildings.

Cat lovers to auction prints

Judi Dench and Dermot O'Leary are among the cat-loving celebrities who have donated their "paw prints" to raise money for a feline welfare charity.

Cats Protection UK asked stars to draw around their hands and decorate the drawings to create unique items for its Celebrity Paws auction.

Other stars who donated their handiwork include The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson and ex-Strictly Come Dancing star Flavia Cacace Mistry.

Hitler painting under hammer

A 100-year-old watercolour of Munich's city hall is expected to fetch at least €50,000 at auction this weekend, not so much for its artistic value as for the signature in the corner: "A. Hitler."

Nuremberg's Weidler auction house said the painting is one of some 2,000 painted by Adolf Hitler and is thought to be from about 1914, when he was struggling as an artist, almost two decades before rising to power as a dictator.