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Girl (4) filmed in RTE creche expose awarded €18,000

A four-year-old child, who was in one of the creches mentioned on an RTE programme about the mistreatment of children, has been awarded €18,000 damages after her case was settled in the Circuit Civil Court.

The court yesterday heard the settlement offer had been made by The Links Creche and Montessori without admission of liability.

Barrister Kevin D'Arcy had told the court that Sophie Campbell's behaviour had changed during the six months that she attended the creche at Abington Wood, Malahide, Co Dublin.


Mr D'Arcy said Sophie was two when she first attended the creche in December 2012. She had left the creche after the airing of the RTE programme, Prime Time Investigates, which exposed the treatment of children at several creches.

The court heard that before the programme was aired, Sophie's father, Stephen Campbell, had attended at RTE studios and had been shown footage which included Sophie.

Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke was told that in one incident, the toddler could be seen witnessing another child being shouted at.

In another incident, Sophie had been dealt with dismissively and roughly by creche staff.

Counsel said Sophie's behaviour while attending the creche had been unusually loud, irritable and unsettled.

She had been reluctant to attend the creche.

He said a medical report indicated that Sophie's irritability could be due to the alleged traumatic events she had witnessed and experienced.

Sophie's parents, Stephen and Susan Campbell, had been concerned and had changed Sophie's creche.

The court was told Sophie had settled down since she attended the new creche.

Through her father, Stephen, of Seabury Close, Malahide, Co Dublin, Sophie sued The Links Childcare Ltd, which trades as The Links Creche and Montessori.

Mr D'Arcy today told the court that an €18,000 out of court settlement offer had been made by the defendant, which Judge Groarke approved.