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Girl (2) who fell in dog mess may lose an eye

A toddler who fell in dog mess in a playground could lose the sight in one of her eyes.

Amiee Langdon, who will be two next week, put her hand down as she tumbled over, then wiped her left eye.

She was taken to hospital by her mother Suzanne (29) where tests confirmed she had picked up the infection toxocariasis, which is spread by dog dirt.

It resulted in optical lobe cellulosis, which can lead to blindness and even death if not treated within 72 hours.

The incident happened in a playground in Manchester. Amiee, whose eye has been almost closed by the swelling, is now being treated with three antibiotics.

If medication does not work, surgeons may have to remove Amiee's eye to stop the infection spreading.

Amiee was playing in a gated children's area of a public park. Her mother has appealed to "thoughtless" dog owners to clear up after their pets.

Paul Andrews, of Manchester City Council, said: "I hope this extremely upsetting incident makes irresponsible dog owners understand the very real consequences of failing to pick up after their dogs. We are thinking about this little girl and her family and we hope she makes a speedy recovery."