Thursday 23 November 2017

Gingrich wanted 'open' marriage - ex

Newt Gingrich faced stunning allegations from his ex-wife last night as the Republican battle for the US presidential nomination hit a crucial stage.

The run-up to the South Carolina primary was rocked when Marianne Gingrich said her ex-husband had wanted an "open marriage" so he could have both a wife and a mistress. The claims will not go down well in a state where more than half the Republican electorate is evangelical Christian.

Ms Gingrich said Mr Gingrich conducted an affair with Callista Bistek -- his current wife -- "in my bedroom in our apartment in Washington" while she was elsewhere.

"He was asking to have an open marriage and I refused" she said in an ABC News interview.

Asked about the remarks last night, Mr Gingrich slammed the "destructive, vicious, news media" and said his ex-wife's claims were false.


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