Tuesday 12 December 2017

Gigs fiasco will hit us hard, says star Pete

Pete Kennedy, an Irish country star making it big in Nashville, says the controversy over the concerts will have a detrimental affect for Ireland.

In 2012 and 2013, Pete (37)won Best Album of the Year in the British Country Music Awards and in March of this year he uprooted his family and moved to Nashville permanently.

"My worry would be that big-draw artists like Garth Brooks would think twice before considering Ireland as a performance country on their world tours, which would be an enormous loss to our economy," said Pete.

"I had been coming back and forth for two years. I was coming over and back and over and back and I missed my family too much so we all moved over here," he said about the big move made with wife Audrey and their girls Aoibhe (10) and Caitlin (7).

Last Thursday he met with Garth Brooks and his manager Bob Doyle and spoke about the concert fiasco in Ireland.

"I just feel as an Irish singer-songwriter welcomed to the USA with open arms and endorsed by the American Federation of Musicians to pursue my career here in the US that we would like to think as a country we would facilitate artists such as Garth."

"The consequences of these gigs being cancelled will be catastrophic for Ireland and I don't know if Irish people at home fully see this."


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