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Getaways star Angela slaps on the factor 120 when the sun comes out

She may be a travel show presenter, but Angela Scanlon has revealed it's not all fun in the sun for her.

The redheaded globetrotter (31) admitted she has to go to great lengths to protect her fair skin from the sun.

Angela - the host RTE's holiday show Getaways - said she has to resort to super-strength sunscreen to prevent her Irish complexion from burning.

"I have factor 70 because I have major issues in the sun," she said.

"I have a factor 120 for my face, but it's a bit Tippexy looking so I usually refrain from it."

Although she has had to brave extreme weather conditions all around the world, even the Irish weather can cause issues for the Meath native.

"It doesn't have to be exotic sun. When sun breaks through here [in Ireland] on a cloudy day, I break out in hives," Angela revealed.

While she has embraced her porcelain skin in recent years, the bubbly and stylish presenter spent years sunbathing.

"I tried [to tan]," she said. "I would believe that the burn would turn to tan and it did - for about 10 minutes after the peeling had waned."

However, Angela got fed up of dealing with painful sunburn so she decided to call it quits on tanning.

"Then I just kind of gave up," she said. "I'm not that person; my freckles get a little closer together and my face breaks out in a rash. It's really not ideal."


Speaking on 2FM's Breakfast Republic, the fashionista broadcaster joked that she's so pale she looks like she's dead.

"I do look like I've been dug up, in fairness. Up close I'm see through," she confessed to the show.

She may be effortlessly stylish, but Angela revealed she was left red-faced after a wardrobe malfunction while shooting the travel show after a gust of wind lifted her skirt while on camera.

"We were filming on a boat below the Golden Gate Bridge and it was windy. Very windy," she told style website Debrief.

"After multiple embarrassing takes, flashing of knickers and amused looks from fellow passengers, I had to borrow a giant elastic from the sound man and they cropped my a*se out in the edit."