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Gardener settles 'gardai put guns to my head' claim

A GARDENER who sued the State after he said guns were put to his head by garda detectives who mistakenly took him to be a part of a robbery gang has settled his High Court action for damages.

When the case was called before Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne and a jury yesterday, the court was told the case had been settled.

A statement from the State acknowledging that John Paul King was "completely blameless" was also read out to the court.

The statement said Mr King was an innocent citizen caught up in an armed robbery nine years ago and had been detained through no fault of his own.

Mr King (40), of Kingshall, Newcastle Upper, Newcastle, Co Wicklow, had sued the State for damages as a result of the incident outside the On The Run shop and restaurant attached to the Esso petrol station on the Navan Road, Dublin, nine years ago.


In his action against the Garda Commissioner, the Minister for Justice and the Attorney General, Mr King said he was set upon, assaulted and falsely imprisoned by armed men in boiler suits, who subsequently transpired to be gardai.

It was claimed Mr King suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his ordeal and suffers flashbacks.

Mr King was arrested but it was claimed in the State defence the gardai had information that an armed robbery would take place on a cash-in-transit vehicle at a number of possible locations, one of which was the Esso petrol station.

Mr King was on his mobile phone and it had previously been noted by gardai that all the modus operandi of gangs robbing cash in transit vans often included a person on site communicating with them on a mobile phone.