Thursday 14 December 2017

Gardai 'took 10 hours to respond to our break-in'

Linda Hughes
Linda Hughes

LINDA Hughes said she is sick of crime in Tallaght and what she sees as a lack of action by the authorities on anti-social behaviour.

"When my shed got broken into it took the gardai ten hours to come out to me. Three of them marched through my house, had a look and said 'Sorry about that'."

The 47-year-old feels that the residents are losing faith in the gardai and that people are running out of patience.

Linda (inset) hasn't got much time for politicians either.


"They are not listening to people; all they are doing is looking for votes. They know there is an election coming up and they'll promise us the sun, moon and stars, like they all have," she said.

Most of the people attending Fianna Fail's public meeting were born and raised in the area, however they are not the only ones suffering at the hands of local gangs.

Joyce Bodunrim (53) moved to Ireland from Nigeria and says she has seen a rise in crime in recent years.

"I'm living here in Tallaght since 1999 and I've had lots of trouble recently.

"They were smashing my car with bricks and my sister's house was burgled four times," she said.

"People here have been very good to me. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else but Tallaght, as I know the area now and it's my home."

Another woman spoke of her concerns about burglaries and thefts.

"Homes are being broken into and people are living in fear out here.

"It's so bad that there are people who live Fettercairn who have to park their cars with their friends in Tallaght village and get the Luas home to make sure they're not robbed," she said.

"If you walk around this estate you'll see that people are living in fear and their houses are being smashed up."


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