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Gardai to pounce on rogue city cyclists

GARDAI are planning a big crackdown on cyclists.

Dublin councillors say bad behaviour is posing major risks to pedestrian safety, particularly in parts of Dublin city centre.

Garda stations have directed officers to clamp down on cyclists blatantly ignoring red lights.

Officers are also investigating claims that school 'lollipop' people are being ignored by cyclists.

As part of the new safety drive, gardai on the beat have been told to keep a "close eye" on these traffic offenders.

"It's an old-age problem but it is becoming more and more prevalent in the city."


Cyclists have been severely criticised in the past for their behaviour -- with several city councillors calling for stricter rules.

A city council spokeswoman today indicated that on-the-spot fines may be "necessary" to deal with the problem.

The chairman of the city's Joint Policing Committee, Gerry Breen, suggested an introduction of a "registration system" for cyclists.

"Not all cyclists are breaking the rules, of course, but many are showing a disgraceful disregard for pedestrians.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign said it would "welcome" stricter policing of cyclists.

"We understand the criticism of cyclists in relation to the breaking of red lights," said a spokesman. "The gardai need to get on with good, old-fashioned policing and bring the offenders to court."