Wednesday 13 November 2019

Gardai searching woods find loaded gun linked to feud

Gardai searching for weapons after a shooting linked to the feud last month
Gardai searching for weapons after a shooting linked to the feud last month

Gardai have seized a loaded handgun fitted with a silencer linked to the Corduff feud.

The weapon was recovered during a planned search of woods in west Dublin earlier this week as tensions in the area continue to rise.

Gardai believe the Makarov firearm is linked to associates of a 22-year-old criminal leading a mob that is feuding with former associates of the Westies gang.

Just last week a close associate of the boss of the mob survived an attempt on his life after shots were fired at his car while his child was in the back.

Gardai feared a retaliatory attack for that shooting and carried out searches of a wooded area in Blanchardstown on Tuesday.

During a search near Waterville Road, the Makarov firearm, fitted with a silencer and loaded with seven bullets, was recovered.

The weapon was removed from the scene and will be sent for ballistic and forensics examinations.

It will be tested to determine if it has been used in any previous shooting linked to the feud or other disputes.

A source last night described the seizure as "significant" as tensions remain extremely high between the two feuding gangs.

"There have been incidents on a weekly basis including shootings, beatings and petrol bombings," a source said.

"Gardai were in no doubt that the gang would retaliate for last week's attempt and Tuesday's gun seizure is a significant one."

Local officers were continuing to carry out searches in the area yesterday and said enquiries were ongoing.

On Tuesday of last week a gunman opened fire in a reckless drive-by shooting just after 9pm in the Mulhuddart area.

A 23-year-old criminal, who is closely linked to the mob boss behind this week's gun seizure, was the intended target of the attack.


It is believed that up to three shots were fired at his car, and sources said his young baby was in a child's seat in the back of the vehicle at the time.

A 22-year-old woman was also walking toward the car when shots were fired in the drive-by attack but she was not injured.

Gardai are investigating whether that gun attack was carried out by a Finglas mob siding with the former Westies members.

In recent weeks a number of homes in the Finglas area have been shot at as part of the ongoing violence.

Dozens of firebomb attacks, shootings and punishment beatings linked to the feud have been carried out in recent months.

Earlier this month two young men were lucky to escape unharmed after a house was burnt out in the Westview area of Blanchardstown.

Two men - including the mob boss closely linked to the target of last Tuesday night's attack - were later arrested over that incident but were released without charge.

Gardai believe that over 40 people are linked to either side of the feuding factions, and detectives have formally warned a number of people that there is a credible threat to their lives.

Local officers have also seized a number of firearms, including pistols, shotguns and a crossbow, during crackdowns on the feuding gangs.

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