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Gardai probe claim woman (26) was raped in a Dublin barracks


Gardai investigating claims

Gardai investigating claims

Gardai investigating claims

Gardai are investigating an alleged rape of a woman by a soldier at an army barracks in Dublin.

It is believed the woman (26), from Dublin, met two soldiers from the Defence Forces at a pub in Rathmines on Tuesday evening.

Sources say the trio had a "few drinks" before returning to the nearby Cathal Brugha Barracks.

Gardai received a call at 3am from the woman, who said she had been seriously sexually assaulted.

The woman is not a member of the Defence Forces.

Gardai from Rathmines responded to the call and rushed to the barracks.

The alleged rape occurred in a communal area of the barracks which is normally reserved for soldiers watching TV.

Following procedure in such cases, the woman was sent to hospital following the incident where it is understood she was examined following her complaint.

The allegation of rape has been made against one of the two soldiers, who are aged 31 and 30.


The two soldiers at the centre of the investigation are likely to face internal disciplinary procedures in relation to the probe.

The second man, who was previously in the company of the woman with the other soldier in the pub, was not in the communal area of the barracks when the alleged attack took place.

No arrests have been made and gardai confirmed an ­investigation is ongoing.

"Gardai at Rathmines are investigating an alleged assault on a female which ­allegedly occurred at Cathal Brugha ­Barracks at approximately 2am on April 12," a spokesman said.

It is against Defence Forces regulations for unauthorised personnel to be on army, naval service or air corps premises without clearance.

A spokesman for the Defence Forces said: "We can confirm that the Military Police are assisting gardai with an investigation."

The spokesman added that in the light of the ongoing investigation it would "not be appropriate to comment any further at this time".