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'Gardai picking on my son'

A MOTHER has claimed that her teenage son suffered a breakdown as result of being constantly stopped by gardai and searched for drugs.

The Dublin Children's Court heard yesterday that the boy, who is in his mid-teens, became violent to a garda and "kicked out" when he was searched last November.

The teenager pleaded guilty to a breach of the peace in south inner city Dublin.

The mother claimed her son, who has never been caught with drugs, was fed up of being constantly stopped and searched.

Fifty Shades off the shelves

A Brazilian judge has ordered the erotic trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey taken off the shelves of bookstores in the city of Macae, or at least wrapped to prevent minors from opening them.

Judge Raphael Queiroz Campos issued the order after he saw children in one of city's bookstores looking through erotic books.

Eleven copies of the 'Grey' series are among 64 books taken from the shelves of two bookstores

Manslaughter retrial order

A COURT has quashed a 39-year-old man's conviction for the manslaughter of a woman who died in a house fire almost six years ago.

The three judge Court of Criminal Appeal (CCA) ordered that Jason Murphy of Elm Park in Clonmel, Co Tipperary, should be retried.

Mr Murphy was convicted by a jury at Clonmel Circuit Criminal Court in March 2010 of the manslaughter of 50-year-old Ann-Marie O'Neill at Elm Park, Clonmel on the early hours of April 27, 2007 and of two counts of arson. He was sentenced to 15 years.

Americans still held hostage

Americans are still being held hostage in Algeria on the third day of a stand-off with militants at a natural gas complex in the Sahara.

The State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the US is working with Algeria and other governments to try to secure their release.

Ms Nuland would not say how many Americans were still being held, but the confirmation comes as some Americans were being ferried out of Algeria.