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Gardai 'looking for brazzers' before alleged row, court told


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A19-year-old man has told a court he was assaulted by two off-duty gardai who were looking for prostitutes during a Christmas night out in Limerick.

Luke Morrisson claimed the officers tried to force their way into his home at Upper Cecil Street in Limerick, and later assaulted him and his brother after inquiring where they could find prostitutes.

In a contested case at Limerick District Court, the witness said he didn't know if the apartment building where he lived was used as a brothel but he was aware "there had been a lot of bad press in the area" about prostitutes.

David Naughton, with an address in Lucan, Dublin, and Wesley Kenny of Sandyford, Dublin 18 - both based at garda stations in Dublin - deny assaulting Luke Morrison and his brother, James Morrison, at Catherine Street, Limerick on December 5 last.


Their defence counsel Breffni Gordon told Limerick District Court that both men "vigorously dispute" the charges.

In the case before Judge Grainne O'Neill, the court was shown CCTV evidence of a fight which broke out outside Flannery's Pub on Catherine Street in Limerick on the evening of December 5 last year. Luke Morrison said in his evidence that he and his brother were beaten up in the altercation, and that he had suffered "quite a few blows the head".

He said earlier that evening he had met both the accused men when they tried to gain entry to his apartment on Upper Cecil street, by pushing in through the main front door, and he had stopped them.

He said both accused men said they were looking for "brazzers", which he explained means prostitutes.

The witness claimed the two men were drunk at the time and he told them they weren't welcome at his home.

The court heard the 19-year-old met the two off-duty gardai later that night outside Flannery's pub on Catherine Street as he was walking to a fast food outlet with his brother James.


He claimed the off-duty officers put their hands up stating "we're just looking for brazzers, no trouble lads".

He said he told them there were no prostitutes on his road and they weren't to come knocking on his door again.

He said he never knew they were gardai until the assault happened when he said a garda badge was "shoved in his face".

The witness said one of the accused men shouted "garda business, f**k off".

He also said he heard the words "don't f**k with the guards" being said during the time he was getting a beating.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel, the witness denied that he had come down from his apartment that evening waving a bread knife.

He also denied he had used drugs in the hours leading up to the assault, or that his apartment was used for the taking of drugs. The case continues.