Thursday 23 November 2017

Gardai in hunt for woman's sadistic murderer

THIS is student Rudo Mawere (26) whose body was found dumped in a bag on a Dublin street.

The au pair – who studied Human Resources in a northside college – was suffocated with a plastic bag before her body was dumped at Blackhorse Avenue.

Officers believe the woman’s killer acted hurriedly and are hopeful of a breakthrough in the case.

It’s thought the victim, who also worked as a Sunday school teacher in her native Malawi, knew her killer.

Ms Mawere had lived in the Rathmines area for two years.

"It was sadistic. She suffered a shocking killing," said a source today.

Efforts were being made today to contact the victim's family in Malawai as detectives try to piece together the final hours of the tragic victim and develop a full background profile of the 26-year-old's life in Dublin.

"We are at a very early stage in the investigation but we don't think that this is a completely random attack," said a source.

Gardai probing the murder found a plastic bag still wrapped around her head when the 3ft by 2ft case was opened shortly after 8.30am yesterday.

When the grim discovery was made, gardai probed a link between it and the alleged abduction of a female in the Skerries area of north Dublin at 3pm on Saturday.

The woman was allegedly pulled by the wrists into a white van with blacked out windows at Bob's Casino. The incident was seen by teenagers who reported it to gardai.

Yesterday CCTV footage from the Skerries area was reviewed by gardai but sources said today that there is no link between the two crimes.

The victim found in the suitcase, who was wearing jeans, boots and a fleece top, was so small that gardai initially believed she was as young as 14.

The suitcase may have lain undiscovered for at least 13 hours on a footpath outside a row of terraced houses.

A shocked passer-by made the gruesome discovery after the bag, which was propped against a car, fell over when a man moved his vehicle.

The victim was murdered elsewhere but that location has yet to be identified.

Detectives are trying to establish if it was dumped from a car or whether it was wheeled from a nearby location such as the Phoenix Park or a housing estate.

The scene -- which is only 100m from McKee Barracks near the Phoenix Park -- was still cordoned off this morning as gardai continue their investigations into the gruesome crime.

Sources said that CCTV will play a major role in solving the crime and a number of planned searches were due to take place in Dublin today.


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