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Gardai hunt flasher after jogger alert

WOMEN in a seaside town are on high alert following a number of reports of a male 'flasher' exposing himself in broad daylight.

Gardai in Bray, Co Wicklow are investigating after joggers and walkers encountered the man with his trousers down.

The middle-aged man is suspected of exposing himself to women on a remote part of the picturesque Bray Head.


The cliff walk is major tourist attraction in Co Wicklow and is visited by thousands of people every year.

It is extremely popular with families and joggers.

Sources told the Herald that two women have encountered the man with his trousers down in the past number of days. In one instance, a woman alleges that the man -- who was naked from the waist down -- jumped out of the bushes and started shouting at her.

When she turned around, he attempted to perform a sex act on himself, which prompted the horrified woman to flee the area.

"This woman was very upset. She contacted local gardai, who carried out a full search of the area in question. She enjoys jogging in the area, but the fact this happened in broad daylight is highly alarming."

And separately, it is understood that another woman also encountered the man lying on the ground naked from the waist down.

Both women are understood to be have been put off walking along this section of the cliff way following the encounters.

The man is described as 6ft tall, slim, in a grey T-shirt.

Bray-based TD Anne Ferris said the reports were "highly alarming".

"Bray Head is such a popular spot for tourists, walkers and families. These reports are highly alarming and it is essential this man is not allowed to continue this type of behaviour.

"A lot of people like going up to Bray Head for a picnic or to sit in the sun. The safety of woman is of paramount importance and I'm hopeful nobody else has this experience."

Anyone with information can contact Bray Garda Station on (01) 6665300.