Tuesday 22 January 2019

Gardai forced to use pepper spray on men

VIOLENT: Knifeman subdued by officers

GARDAI were forced to use pepper spray to subdue two men in separate violent incidents in Dublin.

At two court hearings this week evidence was heard of how officers used incapacitant spray on two city thugs.

Both men, who were arrested after being sprayed, received jail sentences when their cases were dealt with.

Last Friday, Blanchardstown District Court heard how gardai were forced to use their batons to strike two knives out of the hands of a drunken man after he tried to prevent them arresting him.

Officers also used pepper spray in an effort to calm Joseph O'Beirne (46) down.

A court heard that O'Beirne suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and was "very much on edge" as his son's life had been threatened.

His lawyer said O'Beirne was afraid for himself and his family and wrongly decided to carry weapons for a while.

Judge Patrick McMahon said that if O'Beirne had concerns he should have gone to the gardai, saying the law in Ireland is not "an eye for an eye".

Judge McMahon sentenced O'Beirne to nine months in prison but suspended it for one year.

The defendant, of Castleview Road in Clondalkin, admitted to public drunkenness as well as threatening and abusive behaviour.

He also admitted to possession of two knives and to using the knives in an effort to intimidate gardai in the incident at Castlepark, Clondalkin, on June 6 last year.


The court heard that O'Beirne took the knives out of his pocket and gardai were forced to use their batons to strike them out of his hand.

O'Beirne further admitted to possession of a hatchet in an incident on June 27 last.

In a separate hearing last Tuesday, Dublin District Court heard that a passenger who refused to pay the fare when the cabbie demanded it up front became so aggressive he had to be pepper-sprayed by gardai.

Father-of-two Patrick Ward (27) was jailed for a month over the incident in north Dublin.

Ward, of Northern Close, Belcamp Lane, pleaded guilty to charges of causing a breach of the peace and failing to pay a taxi fare in the incident at the N32, Clonshaugh, on August 26, 2010. When the gardai came to investigate, he became very verbally abusive and raised his fist towards them.

The court heard the defendant's wife was pregnant with their third child and Ward was serving a sentence in Mountjoy.

Judge Ann Watkin made the one-month sentence concurrent to the jail term he is serving after the taxi fare was produced in court on his behalf.


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