Friday 6 December 2019

Gardai fear 'Mr Flashy' revenge hit as mob boss mourns shot pal

- Detectives keep close watch on gang after double murder

- Victims may have been targeted by veteran mobster

Gardai search for clues following the murder of Jordan Davis in Darndale
Gardai search for clues following the murder of Jordan Davis in Darndale

Gardai have stepped up surveillance on associates of mob boss 'Mr Flashy' over fears they will carry out a revenge attack for the murder of his close pal Sean Little.

The 22-year-old was shot dead in a suspected gangland double cross on Tuesday night - just 17 hours before his close friend Jordan Davis (22) was gunned down.

Davis was shot in Darndale on Wednesday afternoon as he wheeled his four-month-old baby in a buggy.

He had posted an online tribute to Little just minutes earlier.

While Little had barely any previous convictions, he was closely linked to a drugs gang in Finglas led by a mobster known as 'Mr Flashy'.


"The gang is already being investigated for gun attacks linked to different Dublin feuds and detectives now fear the mob will retaliate for the murder of its associate," a source said.

"Little was close to 'Mr Flashy' and his gang, and there is a very real concern that retaliation attacks will be carried out against those responsible for the killing."

Investigating gardai are following a number of lines of inquiry, including that one or both killings are linked to a veteran Dublin criminal.

The mobster, aged in his 60s, was once connected to a dissident terror group.

Sources said his car and home had been targeted in recent months, while property was also stolen from the house.

Gardai are investigating if Little or Davis were blamed for this and targeted as a result.

"Something valuable was taken from the house, and gardai will look at whether either of the two murder victims were blamed," the source added.

Both Little and Davis owed significant drug debts, and this remains the primary motive for both murders.

The source said Davis owed a significant drug debt to a crime gang in the Coolock area.

This gang from the Moatview area is known to have used extreme violence against debtors in the past.

A video has also been circulated online showing two people, alleged to be the murder victims, attacking a woman and smashing the windows of a car.

However, the video has not been verified and senior gardai wouldn't comment when asked if this clip and incident would form part of the murder investigation.

Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy said: "We're not going to go into that at this point in time. All of these elements will be explored. It will all be part of the investigation.

"We'll throw the net really wide and we'll start honing it back to what's relevant to the actual events that we are investigating."

Following Davis's murder, the hitman fled on a bike, which was later recovered close to the scene at Belcamp Lane.

Gardai are probing if he knew the victim after witnesses reported the two men conversing briefly before the shooting.

Speaking yesterday, Father Edward Quinn who read the last the rites to Davis, told how he heard shots in a laneway near his home.

Just minutes before the killing, Davis had posted an online tribute to his friend Little, who was shot dead the previous night.

Emergency services were alerted to a car on fire in Walshestown, Balbriggan, at around 11pm on Tuesday.

They discovered the body of Little, who had suffered fatal gunshot wounds to his head and body, around 10ft away from his burning car.

Detectives suspect Little was lured to the scene by someone he trusted, before being shot dead.

He was well known to gardai for associating with crime gangs and was considered a key member of the 'Mr Flashy' mob.

His murdered pal Davis was also known to gardai but had only minor previous convictions for drug offences.

Last April 29 he was fined €200 at Dublin District Court for possessing cannabis.

Davis was also due to face a trial at the same court for drug offences in July.


He was also a close friend of criminal Jamie Tighe Ennis, who was shot dead in 2017.

Tighe Ennis had been a major target for gardai for almost all of his adult life and had previous convictions for firearms offences.

He was standing on the road with a group of friends when he was approached by a man armed with a handgun and shot in the back of the head.

Speaking during a visit to Cork yesterday, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar confirmed that he had spoken to the justice minister and the garda commissioner about the murders.

He said all the evidence pointed to drugs or organised crime links.

"The information that we have is that these killings are most likely related to drugs and organised crime and are not linked to the other feuds - the Kinahan feud and the Drogheda feud," Mr Varadkar said.

He added that efforts were being made to increase garda capabilities. "As a Government, our focus is entirely and very much on increasing garda resources," he said.

"So the gardai now have unprecedented resources - a budget of €1.8bn a year, and we have increased the size of the garda force to 14,000, back to where it was before the economic crash.

"We are going to increase it again to 15,000 - investing not just in gardai but also in equipment, in ICT, in armed support units, and all that is very much under way."

The Taoiseach added that gardai had had a lot of success in dealing with organised crime, and the drug trade in particular.

"Especially there have been numerous drugs seizures in recent weeks and they have had a lot of success in places like Limerick and in Dublin's north-east inner city," he said.

"But it's not something that ever goes away and that's why we need to be vigilant and to continue to support the gardai."

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