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Gardai believe rave killer planned stab attack

Gardai believe that a savage fatal knife attack on a young man over the weekend was premeditated and may have been linked to an ongoing criminal dispute that he was involved in.

James Griffin (26) from Croftwood Park, Ballyfermot, died after being stabbed in the neck during the course of a brutal assault at a rave in an industrial unit in O'Casey Avenue, Parkwest, Ballyfermot at 4am on Sunday.

Sources say that a suspect has been identified in the case but gardai have not tracked him down yet.

He is a young Ballyfermot man who was known to the victim and sources say that officers are probing a bitter disagreement between the two men.

"This stabbing was not as a result of a drunken or drug-fuelled row - gardai believe it was planned," a source explained.


"The victim was attacked with a large kitchen knife which was brought to the scene."

The murder is not connected to organised crime even though Griffin had been spotted in the company of a very close female associate of drugs trafficker Christopher 'Git' Russell on a number of occasions this year.

On Sunday night, Griffin was jumped on by the group, while a number of his friends ran away from the attack.

There were hundreds of people in the industrial unit at the time of the attack.

Yesterday, gardai at Ballyfermot were trying to track down people who had been at the event so that they could get a full picture of what happened. However, it is believed that officers have obtained good quality CCTV of the horrific incident.

It is believed that the rave had been organised by a young man from Lucan.

While Griffin had only a small amount of criminal convictions, sources said that he was known for a number of violent offences.

His funeral details had not been released last night as the garda investigation continued but no arrests have been made yet.