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Gardai arrest couple within half an hour of each other

A DUBLIN couple were arrested within half-an-hour of each other after he threatened to slit a woman's throat during a row outside a pub and his partner blocked a patrol car bringing him to a garda station, a court heard.

Philip May (40) claimed he verbally abused the woman after she slapped him on the face, while Deborah Holmes (38) admitted she over-reacted when she realised gardai had arrested her partner of 20 years.

In relation to May, Judge Bridget Reilly ordered him to complete 100 hours' community service in lieu of two months in prison.

The judge sentenced Holmes to one month in prison, suspended for six months.

The couple, of Moreen Close, in Sandyford, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour.

The incidents took place within half-an-hour of each other at Moreen estate in Sandyford.

Garda David Bunn said he was on mobile patrol near Balally Shopping Centre at 4.30pm on June 27, 2012, when he received a call from two female gardai who were trying to separate a man and woman outside the Balally Inn.



Garda Bunn said the pair were shouting obscenities at each other. He directed May to leave but he shouted, "I'm going to slit her f***ing throat", to the woman.

Garda Bunn said he walked May to the car park, and heard him say on his mobile phone: "I don't care. Get everyone down here now."

The garda said he took this to mean that May was getting more people to the area and he arrested him.

Garda Michael Lynch said he and Garda Bunn were leaving the scene with May in the back of a patrol car when his partner, Holmes, pulled up in front of the car, blocking their route.

She started shouting at gardai "f*** you, why did you arrest Philip".

Garda Lynch said Holmes was directed to move her car off the road but she refused. She, too, was arrested by gardai.

Defence lawyer Rory Staines said the couple have been together nearly 20 years.

In relation to May, he said he was drinking in the pub and there was an altercation between him and another woman. May alleged she slapped him, but he admitted his language was unacceptable.

Mr Staines said May has served a number of long prison sentences and has no wish to go back to jail.

In relation to Holmes, Mr Staines said her behaviour was appalling, but she was upset because her partner had been arrested.