Friday 20 September 2019

Gardai and army recover pistol and ammo after school shooting

This gun and ammunition was found near the scene of a shooting in Riversdale College
This gun and ammunition was found near the scene of a shooting in Riversdale College

Gardai investigating the bitter Corduff feud have seized a pistol and ammunition in a major search operation, backed up by a specialist army search team.

Our photos show gardai and army engineers at the site, the back of Riversdale Community College in west Dublin, the scene of a feud-related attempted murder earlier this month.

Sources told the Herald that gardai were yesterday searching for the weapon used in that attack, as well as other firearms and bullets linked to the out-of-control drugs feud in west Dublin.


Metal detectors, shovels and slash hooks were among items that were used in the search operation which began at 7.45am yesterday, and continued for most of the day in bushes and a pond area at the park.

This is the latest operation conducted by Blanchardstown gardai as they attempt to target the feuding Corduff gangs and the second time that the defence forces have been utilised.

In response to the escalating situation in February, gardai launched a special operation.

Local gardai, backed up by armed officers and the army, searched a number of properties in the Corduff area during a 36-hour period.

In total, five sawn-off shotguns, ammunition, a crossbow and a quantity of cannabis herb were seized in that probe.

The operation followed four firearms incidents in Corduff that week, which saw two homes shot up after a shotgun was fired and a group chased by an armed thug.

While armed garda patrols have increased in the locality, it has not stopped the feuding, which centres around the lucrative local drugs trade.

Gardai and Army specialists trawl through vegetation
Gardai and Army specialists trawl through vegetation

The attempted murder outside Riversdale Community College on April 2 was one of the highest-profile incidents in the Corduff feud so far.

Teachers blocked classroom doors and the school was put into lockdown after a gunman opened fire outside, as hundreds of pupils prepared to leave.

The chief suspect, a 24-year-old local criminal, was arrested the day after the attempted murder and is currently locked up in jail in relation to a separate feud-related violent offence.

The Herald previously revealed that a 22-year-old criminal who claims he was the intended target of a shooting was lured there so rival mobsters could shoot him.


The target told a District Court hearing that he was the target of the gun attack when he failed to vary his bail conditions, claiming that a curfew made him a sitting target.

The suspect told the court hearing that he had previously been run over and fired at.

He also expressed concern for the safety of a sibling.

Since he was shot at outside the school, the gangster's family home in Corduff have been targeted by rival criminals with shots fired at it at 1.10am on April 17.

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