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Garda launch drug raids as family rushed into hospital

GARDAI have searched a number of locations in Limerick city for drugs after five members of one family became ill following a drug-fuelled party.

Two men, aged in their 20s, remain in the mid-western regional hospital today after they were rushed there by ambulance in the early hours of Monday morning.

Their condition is said to be critical and hospital staff are constantly monitoring the two patients.

In total, five men were brought to the Limerick hospital earlier this week after all became seriously unwell following a late-night party.

All five men come from a well known family in the city and three have since been released home.

It is suspected that those hospitalised consumed an unknown quantity of drugs in the early hours of Monday morning.


A large amount of alcohol was also consumed by those attending.

One theory being investigated by gardai is that the men took a large amount of drugs -- without knowing what they contained -- along with alcohol.

It is believed that cocaine was one of the drugs that was used at the party.

Officers from Roxboro Garda Station are investigating the incident and have searched a number of premises where they suspect the drugs may have been sourced.

A small amount of drugs has been seized during the garda searches.

Family members of the two men who are still in hospital remain at their bedsides.

Investigations were continuing today.