Sunday 20 January 2019

Garda caught in coke sting linked to kidnap gang

A CORRUPT garda is now being investigated for his links to Tiger kidnappers, it was revealed today.

Detectives uncovered his involvement in a multitude of crimes – which means up to 22 cases against drug dealers are set to collapse.

Among the prosecutions which must now be dropped are cases against ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s dealers and his rivals in the south city.

Investigators now suspect the uniformed garda was:

- Passing information to a Lucan-based gang of Tiger kidnappers

- Getting information from some drugs gangs as a reward which allowed him to make street dealer arrests

- Staging car accidents to make false insurance claims

- In one case he is suspected of stealing a 4x4 and crashing into a car. When emergency crews arrived at the scene he was in the damaged car and claimed to have been injured in the smash

“It’s the worst case we’ve ever come across. This guy is bent as hell,” claimed a source.

Now, all his prosecutions of street dealers, burglaries and road traffic offences are likely to collapse.

“He has been shown to have been compromised which means none of these prosecutions are likely to go ahead,” said a source.

The depth of the officer’s links to gang bosses has been uncovered in a major inquiry by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) at Harcourt Square.

The officer, who is now suspended, was arrested last week after he was caught buying cocaine from a street dealer.

The officer himself charged several street dealers over the past six months. The majority are active in the Crumlin-Drimnagh area, and are linked to two feuding crime gangs. One is led by notorious gang boss ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, the other by a major criminal currently serving a prison sentence.

Lawyers for the alleged dealers may now apply to have charges thrown out.

The garda was questioned and released last week and is currently suspended from the force. The Herald understands that most of his arrests involve drug possession for minor amounts of heroin, cocaine and cannabis, up to larger amounts of between €1,000 and €2,000, which would also involve an intent-to-supply charge.

The officer is one of two gardai who have been suspended from the force following an investigation into an alleged garda cocaine ring. The garda, who is in his 20s, was caught with 10 grams of cocaine last Monday afternoon after a belated Christmas party at his station in Dublin's South Division.


A source told the Herald that the high level of the garda's drug busts had caused raised eyebrows among his superiors.

“Considering he was just a uniformed garda, the number of drug busts is unusually high,” the source said. “Most gardai in his position would be doing very well to get 20 in a year if they are not involved in a specialised drug unit.” It is feared that suspects prosecuted by the garda could have their cases thrown out.

Senior officers are now reviewing all the cases involving the garda and are taking legal advice on whether any of the cases should be dropped. The DPP is likely to be consulted on cases he was involved in.

As a prosecuting garda, his testimony is likely to be undermined by the fact that he was suspended on suspicion of being involved with cocaine.

Gardai are believed to have become suspicious after the garda's name was mentioned by a woman following a nonfatal shooting in West Dublin last year, it’s reported. She told detectives in an informal interview that her ex was a garda and was involved with gangs.

The information was then passed onto the NBCI who immediately mounted a surveillance operation.

The uniformed garda went to meet a known cocaine dealer on Ormonde Quay on Monday afternoon but he was unaware he was being watched by officers from the Internal Affairs Unit, who intercepted the garda after he was involved in a cocaine transaction.

He was stopped by officers allegedly in possession of 10 grams of cocaine, with a street value of €800. The garda's colleagues were questioned and one allegedly admitted that a portion of the drugs was for him. A female garda who said she knew nothing about the drug use faces no action.

The Herald has also learned that the officer is suspected of dealing drugs since before he joined the force.

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