Saturday 23 February 2019

Gangster had €5k of cocaine when gardai raided his hotel room

The gangster is being held at Blanchardstown Garda Station
The gangster is being held at Blanchardstown Garda Station

A major gangster was arrested when gardai raided the hotel room he was staying in and seized an estimated €5,000 of cocaine.

The 37-year-old criminal from Clonsilla remained in custody at Blanchardstown Garda Station last night after he was arrested in a room at the upmarket west Dublin hotel at 3.45am yesterday.

It is unclear how gardai got the information which led to them searching the room and a manager at the popular hotel did not wish to comment when contacted by the Herald.

The arrested man has previously served a lengthy jail sentence for a violent assault and has convictions for road traffic and criminal damage offences.


While in jail, he was also involved in a number of fights including an incident in Mountjoy Prison over four years ago in which a rival drug dealer was given a severe hiding.

"The individual arrested in relation to this cocaine seizure would be considered one of the most volatile operating in west Dublin at the moment," a source told the Herald.

It is believed that the suspect had been hiding out in hotels in recent weeks.

He has close links to a mob led by gangster Jason 'Jay' O' Connor which is being investigated by gardai over the 13th Hutch/Kinahan feud murder of Kane McCormack (24) who was shot dead in December.

In the aftermath of the shooting, gardai raided the west Dublin home of 'Jay' O'Connor but he has not been arrested in the case which detectives believe had been planned for weeks.

O'Connor and his associates have been involved in a separate bitter feud in west Dublin which has resulted from a fall-out between former members of the infamous 'Westies' gang.

Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor
Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor

Amazingly this feud has led to only one murder so far.

This was the shocking killing of innocent Keith Walker who was shot dead by Christopher McDonald.

Mr Walker was shot 18 times in a case of mistaken identity at Blanchardstown Pigeon Racing Club on June 12, 2015.

McDonald was convicted of murder last July.

Gardai believe that he was enlisted for the job after he became friendly with O'Connor's gang enemies in prison.

In fact, officers have established that he shared a cell with the notorious criminal who is the chief suspect for ordering the murder.

This Blanchardstown criminal cannot be named here for legal reasons but one of his closest pals was lucky to escape with his life after being shot multiple times with a machine pistol in the Mulhuddart area in December 2016.

Gardai have linked that attempted murder to the same bitter feud which led to the gunning down of innocent Mr Walker.

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