Monday 18 November 2019

Gangland gun death suspect is 'in the sights of' dangerous thug brothers

Gardai at the scene in Kilbarron Avenue where
Hamid Sanambar (left) was shot dead
Gardai at the scene in Kilbarron Avenue where Hamid Sanambar (left) was shot dead

A teenager being investigated for the gangland murder of an Iranian asylum seeker is under threat from two criminal brothers.

The youngster, who is a close associate of murdered mobster David 'Fred' Lynch, has been linked to the murder of Hamid Sanambar (41) in Coolock last month.

He is one of a number of people being probed for the murder of Sanambar, who was shot dead just a week after close friends Sean Little (22) and Jordan Davis (22) were gunned down 17 hours apart.

It has now emerged that the teenager is also under threat from two criminal brothers from the Coolock area who are well-known to gardai.

One of the brothers was last week allegedly involved in an incident in north Dublin in which gardai received reports of shots being fired.


It is understood the younger brother, who is in his 20s, had an argument with his girlfriend before she kicked him out of her car.

While witnesses thought they heard gunshots, gardai found no evidence of shots being fired after being alerted to the scene on the Kilmore Road.

It is now believed that the noise witnesses thought was a gunshot was in fact the noise of a car door slamming.

One of the brothers was also previously injured in a gun attack in the same area.

He only received minor flesh wounds and detectives later received intelligence that he had ordered an associate to carry out the shooting so that he could avoid a court appearance.

The brothers have links to the teenager, with whom they have now fallen out, and were previously involved in criminal activity with one of his relatives.

The under-threat teenager was a very close associate of Lynch (26) who was shot four times in the head with a 9mm calibre semi-automatic pistol in March 2009, by a gangland figure who is currently in jail for other offences.

The young thug is also said to be intent on avenging the murder of Lynch.

Sources have revealed that the teenager's behaviour has become "increasingly erratic" over recent months, and that he is suspected of shooting a young man in the leg over a €25 drugs debt earlier this year.

They suspect that he is one of the three balaclava-wearing men who shot dead Sanambar.

It is claimed that the killing took place after the order for a "retaliation hit" was given by a very close associate of murder victim Little.

The Herald previously revealed how two handguns were recovered from a burnt-out car after the Sanambar murder - and gardai believe one of them was owned by Little.

One of these is a Makarov pistol and the other is understood to be a Glock handgun.

Little and Davis were laid to rest late last week in separate ceremonies in north Dublin.

Armed gardai patrolled the streets around the church, and uniformed gardai and members of the public order unit also circulated around the Kilmore area during Little's funeral last Friday.

Mourners at his funeral were told that he lost his life in the most horrific, barbaric and senseless act of violence imaginable.

His bullet-ridden body was discovered a short distance from his burnt-out car in Walshestown, near Balbriggan, on May 21.

A day earlier the funeral of Jordan Davis, shot dead in Darndale as he wheeled his four-month-old son in a pram, heard that his life choices ultimately led him literally into a dead end.


Addressing the mourners in his strongly worded homily, Fr Leo Philomin urged the community to turn their backs on crime and drugs.

"There is an evil that destroys lives, relationships... homes. Drugs," he said.

"Drug trafficking and all that goes with it is not glamorous. We don't need to look further than why we are here.

"Just look around. I see a mother grieving. I see friends weeping. I see a young mother who one day will have to tell her son how his father lived, how he loved to be with him, and how he died.

"Drugs don't make you king. Drugs make you into a corpse. And those who sell and buy and sell again are the gravediggers with the stench of death," Fr Philomin added.

Significant garda investigations are continuing into all three murders, and detectives are continuing to establish possible motives for the killings.

Gardai believe a dispute over a drug debt may be to blame for the murders of Little and Davis, while Sanambar may have been shot dead in a revenge attack after being blamed for those killings.

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