Thursday 22 August 2019

Gang glues brother's eyelids shut in series of shocking attacks

TORTURE: Campaign of terror targets siblings after drugs raid

'Fat' Freddie Thompson's gang superglued a man's eyelids and set him on fire in two shocking torture attacks.

The sadistic incidents took place in the Crumlin area after a major drugs raid.

The violence was perpetrated after two brothers, who sourced their drugs from Thompson's gang, were blamed for the bust.

In shocking incidents -- even by Dublin gangland standards -- the older brother had his testicles set on fire just weeks before the mob superglued his eyelids shut.

Shortly after this, the mob carved up a dog owned by a youngster who is friends with the brothers.

A source explained that the testicle burning incident happened on a busy street in Crumlin, south Dublin, as teenage thugs connected to ‘Fat’ Freddie’s organisation attacked the young man.

Senior sources have confirmed that gardai are aware of the campaign of terror that the brothers have endured and an investigation into the attacks has been launched.

“They caught him (one of the brothers) on the street and pulled down his trousers and sprayed Lynx deodorant and set fire to his testicles,” a local source told the Herald.

It is understood that the young man spent a number of days in hospital being treated for horrific injuries.

In another shocking incident, a teenager connected to the brothers was approached by a mob and his “two- month-old husky pup was carved up with a knife on the footpath”.

It is understood that the incident happened in broad daylight on a street in Crumlin and was witnessed by a number of people.

The suspect for the dog attack is also suspected of committing an armed robbery at a local shop earlier this year.

Sources say that the brothers, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, have also endured a number of “vicious assaults” on the streets by the ‘new generation’ of criminals who are linked to ‘Fat’ Freddie’s mob.

Innocent family members have also been singled out and their family home has been targeted in drive-by shootings.

Sources say that the brothers were unable to pay Thompson’s mob a drugs debt and began to receive death threats and then suffer violence from the gangsters.

The two young men had been sourcing drugs from Thompson’s crew for a number of years and were getting more minor criminals to hold onto the drugs for them.

However, about 18 months ago, a teenager was busted with a large haul of drugs that were owned by the brothers, and recriminations and threats followed.

The campaign of terror against the brothers is not being orchestrated directly by ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, who is currently based in Spain, but by the new generation of foot soldiers in the Crumlin/ Drimnagh area who sell drugs for his organisation.

While loyal to Thompson the younger crew are not regarded as part of the 30 year old criminal’s inner circle.

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