Friday 15 December 2017

Gang enters bank through roof in botched robbery

Bank of Ireland
Bank of Ireland

Gardai are investigating after a brazen robbery attempt at a bank where the perpetrators gained access to the building through the roof.

An armed gang tried to carry out the daring raid on the Bank of Ireland in Dunboyne, Co Meath, shortly before 9am yesterday.

Two masked and hooded men managed to get on to the roof and remove the skylight.

It is believed they got on to the low roof by scaling a wall connected to the bank. They then dropped on to the floor, where they brandished two firearms.

The raiders, believed to be eastern European, made several threats to staff during the ordeal while demanding that the safe be opened.

However, their efforts were unsuccessful, and after trying to gain access to the safe through their own methods they fled empty-handed. Gardai recovered one of the firearms at the scene.

The pair made off in a silver Hyundai which was later found 200 metres away on the Summerhill Road.

Although the car was abandoned near the scene, it was not set ablaze as is often the case with vehicles involved in criminal activity.

It leaves the possibility that the raiders left behind forensic evidence in the car, which was being examined by gardai yesterday.


It had not been established if the car was stolen or if it belonged to one of the perpetrators.

After ditching it, the men made their getaway in a maroon vehicle driven by a third male. No one was injured in the incident, but it is believed that staff members were left shaken as a result of their ordeal.

Gardai leading the investigation are asking anyone with information to contact them at Ashbourne Garda Station. They are particularly interested in talking to anyone who saw the silver Hyundai before or after the attempted robbery.

Gardai believe the raiders may have been watching the bank for some time before they struck, due to the way in which they gained access to the building.


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