Tuesday 15 October 2019

Gamers get $500m date with Destiny

The most expensive video game ever made is now available to gamers around the world.

Destiny - with its budget of $500m - has been developed by studio Bungie, maker of the Halo franchise, and published by Activision, publisher of Call Of Duty, so there is plenty of buzz surrounding the launch.

The game is set 700 years in the future, with Earth and humanity in the midst of a war with a mysterious entity called The Darkness and its various alien allies.

What makes it unique is not only the budget, but that it is trying to fuse together several different genres of video game into one playable universe.


While there is a main story mode, like other first-person shooter (FPS) games, a huge part of Destiny's appeal and mystery is found in the "shared world" aspect - online against other players.

Bungie president Harold Ryan said: "Destiny is the game we've always wanted to make. We've dreamt of this universe for years, so we couldn't be more thrilled to swing open the doors and let fans shape this experience as they tell their unique stories in the game.

"For us, the next generation of games is all about allowing players to collide and interact with each other."

Destiny takes places within a single universe - containing every player - and gamers can meet up and interact as they go about their missions.


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