Monday 24 September 2018

Gallagher won't be voting next week


Noel Gallagher has revealed he will not be voting in next week's UK election.

Speaking to Alan Carr last night as a guest on his TV show Chatty Man, he was asked if he was into politics and if he would be voting. Gallagher replied: "Not this time around."

On the UK political leaders he said: "The fact that Cameron didn't turn up for the debate is a disgrace. I think that Miliband, is "a f****** communist".

Gallagher also revealed that he has no stylist, saying: "I had a stylist once. She was called mum and when I got to about 11 she got the sack."

"I find people that do have stylists - they're just squares. Rock stars shouldn't have stylists.If you can't dress yourself what are you?"

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