Tuesday 16 January 2018

Gabriel's magnetism is 'extraordinary'


Richard E Grant has revealed that if he was ever looking for Gabriel Byrne on set, he'd find him among a group of women.

The pair worked together in 2004 when Byrne played Grant's father in Wah-Wah - a movie based on Grant's childhood in Swaziland during the last days of the British Empire in Africa in the 1960s.

"He was extraordinary, other than Jude Law who I've worked with, if you ever wanted to know where Gabriel was at any point of the day, you'd just need to look where there was a group of women clustered and in the middle of them would be Gabriel Byrne - that tells you about the man's charisma," he told the Herald.

Grant is in Dublin this weekend to launch his second unisex fragrance, Jack Covent Garden.

Fans of Richard's can meet him at Brown Thomas from 1.30pm this afternoon.

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