Sunday 27 May 2018

Funeral of shooting victim hears song for beloved daughter (14)

The remains of David Douglas (inset left) are placed in the hearse after his funeral
The remains of David Douglas (inset left) are placed in the hearse after his funeral

The grief-stricken wife of murdered criminal David 'Daithi' Douglas was the "good in his life which was beset by bad choices that ultimately led to his death", mourners at his funeral were told.

Douglas (55) was shot dead outside his wife Yumei's shoe shop on Dublin's Bridgefoot Street on July 1.

It was the second time he had been targeted by gunmen, having survived a previous attempt on his life close to his home in Cabra last November.

Douglas' remains were taken yesterday to the Church of the Most Precious Blood where there was an obvious garda presence, with officers patrolling the surrounding streets throughout the ceremony.


Before the mass began, a recording of a poignant song that mentioned his daughter, Seoidin, was played. It expressed feelings that she was the guiding light in Douglas' life and hopes that they would all be happy together in life.

Addressing the mourners, Canon Damian O'Reilly said Douglas' family wanted him to be remembered as a man who had made some good choices and some bad choices.

"Daithi, like most of us, lived his life his own way. Some choices he made in life were very good choices, especially his decision to marry Yumei and their very precious gift of a wonderful daughter, Seoidin. Other choices he made in life were not the best," he said.

"His earthly journey has now drawn to a close, and as we come today to lay David to rest, we silently smile as we recall his happy moments in his life and we reflect on some of the bad decisions he made which resulted in the torments that life had inflicted on him resulting in his tragic death."

Father-of-one Douglas was standing in the doorway of his wife's shop when he was approached by a lone gunman and hit several times in the head and chest. His 14-year-old daughter was only metres away when he was shot dead.

"She didn't see anything, but she called 999 when she heard people screaming outside," said his wife.

"People said those killers are just animals, they're evil."


Douglas was a veteran criminal with close links to a number of big players, including the Kinahan cartel.

A former IRA man, he was convicted in 1983 of the shooting with intent to kill of a garda during a robbery.

Sources say he was forced out of the Provos because of his involvement with drugs.

In 2010, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with five suspended in connection with the seizure of €562,000 worth of cocaine in April 2008.

The bust was one of the biggest that year and was said to be linked to the Kinahan cartel.

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