Wednesday 24 April 2019

Fun in the sun as city enjoys hottest April in years - but it isn't lasting

Revellers enjoy the evening sunshine at Portobello Bridge
Revellers enjoy the evening sunshine at Portobello Bridge
Roslyn McDonnell, Dian Crawford and Sadbh McMahon
Breffni O'Dwyer with cockapoo Sadie

If you haven't taken advantage of the hottest April in 15 years don't hold off for another second - temperatures are set to drop from tonight.

Droves of sun-worshippers crowded the nation's beaches, parks and beer gardens yesterday, as temperatures reached a high of 18C.

In fact, there was no rainfall in any part of the country.

The Phoenix Park and Cork's Moorepark saw the highest recorded temperatures, both reaching levels of 17.9C.

It comes after an extremely cold and wintry start to the year.


It wasn't just the people out enjoying atmosphere hailing the sun - ice cream shops were also taking full advantage of the weather.

Teddy's Ice Cream, in Dun Laoghaire, saw queues out of the door throughout yesterday.

Owner Yasmin Khan told the Herald she was amazed at the large crowds.

"It's been all hands on deck - whenever the sun comes out that's when we get our customers," she said.

"It was an extremely tough start to the year with Storm Emma battering the country, but the sunshine we've been having lately is certainly a pleasant surprise.

"We've seen crowds of people queue out our door and we have every reason to take full advantage of it," she added.

Ms Khan said the most popular ice cream at the well-known parlour was the classic 99.

"We still have plenty of ice cream left over so there's no danger of running out," she said.

"It's just so great to see the huge number of families outdoors enjoying the weather, and I think since we don't see too much of it in Ireland we appreciate it all the more."

Around the city centre, revellers headed to the canal to bask in the sunshine.

Other usual hotspots, such as Trinity College and St Stephen's Green, also saw an influx of people.

Met Eireann forecaster Harm Luijkx told the Herald that today will see highs of up to 19C. However, as the day progresses, showers will roll in from the west.

"Temperatures will then drop significantly tomorrow to about 10C or 13C," Mr Luijkx said.

"[Today] will be a reasonably good day, with temperatures close to 20C in midland counties. However, there is a chance that fog will begin to move in from the Irish sea, making eastern counties like Dublin a lot cooler.

"Towards evening, rain will develop on the west coast and come across the country.


"It will be even cooler on Sunday, with temperatures reaching between 10C to 13C.

"Monday and the rest of the week will be changeable with rain at times and blustery conditions."

According to Met Eireann, this is the hottest April we've had since 2003. Some 15 years ago witnessed the hottest April on record, when temperatures hit 24.4C.

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